This guide covers how to create a recurring poll using Simple Poll for Slack. If you're curious to learn more about the types of recurring polls you can create for your organization, take a look at our blog post titled "6 recurring polls to make use of in your organization"

Creating a recurring poll involves 5 steps:

  • Create a regular poll
  • Click on "View info" in the three-dot overflow menu
  • Click "Set up recurring poll"
  • Set up the schedule
  • Review & Complete the set up 🚀

Create a regular poll

Start by creating a regular poll in the channel where you'd like the recurring poll to post. For example, the following poll:

/poll "I'm happy with our team's progress over the past week" "Strongly agree" "Agree" "Neither agree nor disagree" "Disagree" "Strongly disagree" anonymous

Click on "View Info"

After the regular poll is created in the desired channel click on "View Info" in the three-dot overflow menu:

Click "Set up recurring poll"

After clicking on "View info", the following modal will open up:

In this modal click on "Set up recurring poll" (in red in the image above)

Set up schedule preferences

In the screen that opens up after clicking "Set up recurring poll", you can configure your recurring poll:

When everything looks correct based on your needs, click on "Review"

Review & Complete

In "Review" you have another chance to make sure everything looks as you expect it to be.

Finish creating the recurring poll by clicking on "Confirm & Schedule".

Congrats, you've set up a recurring poll! 🚀

If you'd like to go back and make an edit to the schedule or stop the automatic posting, click on "View info" again:

Time periods

Simple Poll supports a number of different time periods that you can set up for automatic posting.


If you select "Daily", the poll will be posted at the same time every single day, Monday - Sunday.


If you select "Weekly", you have an opportunity to select the week days on which you'd like the poll to post.

If you select just one day (for example Monday), then the poll will be posted every week on Monday.

If you select two days (for example Monday and Friday), then the poll will be posted each week on Monday and also on Friday.

Every week day

To post a recurring poll every week day, click on "Weekly" and then select Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in the "Days of the week" menu:


If you select "Monthly", the recurring poll will be posted on the same numbered day each month. So for example, if you select February 2nd as the start date, then the poll will be posted on March 2nd, April 2nd, etc.