Conversations and discussions thrive in Slack, but sometimes it’s hard to know when a conclusion was reached or a decision was made. Especially as workspaces grow in size, things can get messy:

  • It's very easy to have lengthy discussions without ever coming to a conclusion
  • Important decisions often don't reach all those who would benefit from knowing
  • Decisions that do get made are quickly lost in message history

We're excited to share Simple Decisions, which we've built to address these problems. Simple Decisions helps you make, record, broadcast, and contextualise decisions in Slack.

Product overview

Capture any decision by using the /decision command. The decision that is then posted in the channel is designed to stand out form other less-important Slack messages.

Decision: The architecture proposal for the new service has been accepted

Decision Record

All captured decisions are kept in the Decision Record. Go there to review recently made decisions or check back to recall what was decided. The Decision Record is available within Slack and also via the web dashboard.

Decision Record on the web

Following channels

With Simple Decisions, you can "follow channels" to be notified of decisions that get made there. One of the benefits of this is that even when you're not an active member of a Slack channel, you can stay on top of their most important decisions.

Follow channels

Available as part of Simple Poll

The Simple Decisions product is available as part of the Simple Poll app. So if you're already a Simple Poll user, you can type /decision and get started right away.

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The Simple Family

Simple Decisions joins the existing family of products we offer to boost team productivity in Slack: