As teams and organisations grow in size, it becomes increasingly important for everyone to be aligned behind the same vision. Goals and OKRs are great tools commonly employed by leadership to set out that vision and to make sure an organisation is moving forward together.

In practice, though, goals and OKRs are too often only communicated a single time during an all-hands, put in an inaccessible document or spreadsheet, and as a result tend to be quite distant from the day to day work that teams actually do.

This misalignment can be somewhat invisible, but that doesn't stop it from being extremely costly. Just a single team of 5 people (at an average salary of $100k) not working in alignment towards goals for 2 months costs $83.3k!

The purpose of Simple Goals is to help you exceed your goals, firstly by making it impossible for anyone to forget the goals they're working towards. Simple Goals does that by bringing goals into Slack, where teams already spend time and hang out.

1-click access to any team's goals right within Slack

Once set up, goals are never more than one click away and can be reviewed in seconds by anyone in Slack. This transparency breaks down collaboration barriers and surfaces team priorities early and often.

Weekly goal reminders keep everyone on the same page

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The Simple Family

Simple Goals joins the existing family of products we offer to boost team productivity in Slack: