We've updated the Simple Poll logo and made some tweaks to our brand 😍

The old Simple Poll logo has served us well over the past four years, but you might be surprised to learn that it was actually put together in quite a rush just ahead of the initial announcement of Simple Poll back in January 2016!

We wanted to take a step back and re-approach our logo and brand from first principles and with some professional design guidance. We aim to provide you with a simple, seamless, and productive product and our brand should reflect that.

We're excited to share the result with you. Say hello to the new Simple Poll logo:

The old and the new

Alongside the new logo, we took this opportunity to update our wider brand identity, which includes the website. Parts of simplepoll.rocks had never really been designed at all and it was starting to show. But worse than that, the design was actually pretty inconsistent across different pages. Now, the website is back to one unified design and one consistent experience across Simple Poll.

Our updated website design - https://simplepoll.rocks/faq/

The Simple Poll experience in Slack is not affected as part of this brand refresh, but of course you will start seeing our new identity whenever you make use of Simple Poll in Slack 🎉

Love, the Simple Poll team ❤️