We recently released Simple Surveys: a powerful tool to build and distribute surveys in Slack. Surveys are fully native in Slack, anonymous, private, and can include multiple questions, text-based responses and so much more!

There are a lot of things you can do with Surveys, including taking a pulse of team happiness, soliciting feedback about an all hands, or capture thoughts before a retrospective to bolster efficiency! Learn more about Surveys in our announcement blog post.

With the latest update, you now have the ability to send survey reminders to anyone who has not yet responded to your survey πŸŽ‰. This enables you to send a friendly reminder message to anyone who might have missed or forgot about the survey and increase the overall response rate as a result.

Using survey reminders

Survey reminders are available now on any paid plan

You can send reminders once you’ve sent out a survey from the same page where survey responses show up. Customise each survey reminder with your own message and send a reminder whenever you deem it appropriate (at most once every 24 hours).

Let us know what you think! Follow us on Twitter or contact us via feedback@simplepoll.rocks