In an effort to be more inclusive, we've updated the default emoji used in anonymous polls to be ✔ (heavy check mark) instead of 👍 (thumbs up). This means that from now on all votes cast in anonymous polls will each be represented by ✔

Customising the vote emoji in anonymous polls

You also have the ability to customise the emoji that is used to represent votes in anonymous polls. As an example, the following slash command ensures that each vote shows up as 🏅 (sports medal)

/poll "Pick a favorite sport" "Football" "Tennis" anonymous :sports_medal:

A poll with a custom anonymous emoji

Other emoji customisation

Another emoji customisation you can do with Simple Poll is to change the emoji for each option. For example:

/poll "What's your favorite sport?" "Football" :soccer: "Tennis" :tennis: anonymous

A poll with custom option emojis

Both of these emoji customisations are currently only available when creating a poll using the /poll slash command.