One great thing about polls is that they can be about absolutely any topic. Whenever an opinion can be had, a vote can be cast on a poll and a result can be drawn. This makes polls incredibly powerful and versatile.

However, one problem that comes with the versatility of polls is that “absolutely anything you want” isn’t a very compelling answer to the question of “What can I do with Simple Poll?” Curious about some of the specific things you can do with Simple Poll? Read on.

Decide on a meeting date and time

Whether onsite or offsite, you can quickly deduce the best availability from your team.

/poll “Which of these times work best for the team meeting?” “12:00" “13:00” “16:00" “17:00”

Gather feedback

/poll "Which of these times work best for the team meeting?" "12:00" 🕛 "13:00" 🕐"16:00" 🕓 "17:00" 🕔
/poll "What training resources could we provide that would help you with your work?" "Webinars"🕸️ "E-learning Platform" 🖥️ "Workshops" 👩‍💻 "A conference" 📆 "One-to-one training" 👥 "Learning Development Fund" 💵

Get a pulse on how your team is feeling

Use an anonymous poll to gather an honest response.

/poll "How likely do you think it is that we accomplish our quarterly goals?" "Very likely" "Somewhat likely" "Neutral" "Somewhat unlikely" "Very unlikely" anonymous
/poll "I'm happy with our team's progress over the past week" "Strongly agree" "Agree" "Neither agree nor disagree" "Disagree" "Strongly Disagree" anonymous

You can recur this poll every week too with Recurring Polls. Learn more.

Determine your product roadmap

/poll "Which customer-requested feature should we build next for our game?" "Android compatibility" "Shareable leaderboard with friends" "Add a third difficulty level" "New main character option" "Cross-platform audio chat"

Help make decisions as a team

/poll "Should we start advertising our products on Instagram too?" "Definitely, it fits our products well" "Let's stick to Facebook for now" "Maybe Twitter?" "We should spend more on Google Ads"
/poll "What do you think of our new meeting structure?" "I prefer the new one, let's keep it" "I don't mind, either one works for me" "I liked the previous one more, let's use that one again"
/poll "From the landing page design posted above, which is your favourite?" "Full width" "Double Column with Sidebar" "Single Column with Sidebar" "Single Column without Sidebar"

Once you’ve arrived at an outcome, you can use Simple Decisions to capture these decisions. Learn more.

Bring remote teams together

/poll "What should we organise for our next remote team get-together?" "A Quiz" 🎩 "Drinks" 🍻 "Games" 🎲 "Cook-a-long" 👩‍🍳
/poll "How are you currently staying active?" "Home gym" 🏋️ "Running" 🏃‍♀️ "Yoga" 🧘 "Walking" 🚶 "Fitness app" 📱 "My Netflix subscription is more active than me…" 📺

In addition to the above, we have a number of our favorite, fun polls available under Template Polls in App Home.

Got a great use-case of polls within your team and would like us to add it to this list? Let us know at

Happy Polling!